Fresh Dew

Radiance-boosting serum.

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Bursting with tropical fruit extracts and refreshing skin-healthy plant oils, this brightness-boosting serum is packed full of natural actives. From melon extract to hyaluronic acid, you can rejuvenate and transform dull, tired skin.

Featuring a specially selected mixture including vitamin E for reversing damage and strawberry extract for boosting collagen, this serum is a must-have to improve skin tone and texture. After integrating use into your daily routine, you will be left with a beautifully healthy complexion that will have you gleaming.

97.92% Natural

30ml | 1 fl oz

*Now available in plastic-free jar.

Featured Ingredients

Strawberry Extract

Protects against environmental damage, interrupts the pathway that leads to skin colour changes, and inhibits enzymes that cause collagen breakdown.

Cranberry Fruit Extract

Full of vitamins with anti-aging properties to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and boost collagen levels.

Melon Fruit Extract

A natural toner and potent antioxidant. Contains essential vitamins and nutrients that leave skin looking visibly brighter and smoother.

Eucalyptus Oil

A powerful natural healer that reduces inflammation and locks in moisture for a radiant complexion.

Patchouli Oil

Anti-aging properties to heal and detox your skin. Stimulates the skin to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

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